How to Connect to Land Rover InControl?

August 26th, 2017 by

Landrover Incontrol

Every Land Rover model, whether new or used, is equipped with an infotainment system that is second to none. The Land Rover InControl technology, which includes entertainment, information, connectivity, and more, is what excites Baltimore drivers to hit the road, but you obviously want it to work. When you buy a new or used Land Rover model, you will need to connect your account to the InControl system in your vehicle. Thankfully, this is easy to do by following the simple steps below.

Set Your InControl Up Today

Setting up your Land Rover InControl requires you to create an account with Land Rover InControl and then hook that account up with your exact vehicle. This can all be done with three simple steps:

  • Create An Account: You need to create an account with Land Rover InControl, which can be done by visiting the Land Rover InControl website. Once at the site, you will be asked to create an account and answer a few questions to get the account set up.
  • Connect Your Vehicle: Regardless of what type of Land Rover model you have, you will need to connect that vehicle to your account. This is done by going to your vehicle, starting the engine, and holding the Assistance button until it flashes.
  • Activate It All: After you have connected your vehicle, you will need to connect the account you created to the vehicle. Visit the Land Rover InControl website again. Your main screen will now show your InControl system and your vehicle. At this point, you will need to create your settings and edit any details. This will allow your InControl system to work seamlessly the way you need it to.

Let Land Rover Annapolis Help

Even with a simple process, connecting your vehicle can sometimes be a headache you don’t want to deal with. In those instances, let the technicians at Land Rover Annapolis assist you. Our team will gladly connect your vehicle to your account when you’re in our service center, or our team can help before you drive off the lot. Visit us today at 101 Ferguson Road in Annapolis, MD to see our inventory or get the InControl assistance you need. You can also contact us at (410) 904-3108 to learn more about our current specials and excite your Arnold drive.