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Range Rover Dashboard Warning Lights

ABS light. Car dashboard in closeup

Did a light appear on your dashboard as you’re driving through Edgewater or Annapolis? Your Range Rover dashboard warning lights are important to understand. That’s why we’ve laid out a guide to the most common Range Rover dashboard symbols below! Learn more about how to care for your Land Rover with Land Rover Annapolis, and let our service team assist you with any problem that arises.

Interpreting Your Range Rover Warning Light’s Meaning

The most important thing to know is that the color of your Range Rover warning lights will clearly indicate the severity of the problem:

  • A red light indicates an emergency. Pull over as soon as you have the chance, in a safe location.
  • A yellow light is telling you that you need to visit a service center or take a look under the hood. Act quickly when you see one of these Range Rover warning messages to avoid more costly repairs.
  • A green light is usually just telling you that one of your Land Rover features is currently active. These Range Rover display symbols are nothing to worry about.

Keep in mind that in almost all cases, the Range Rover and Land Rover warning light meanings will be identical. The best way to understand any car light’s meaning is to find out what your owner’s manual has to say, but we know how helpful it can be to have a quick reference for common dashboard warning lights when you’re out and about.

Get to know these common Land Rover dashboard warning lights so you’re prepared every time you hit the streets of Crofton or Severna Park:

Common Land Rover Dashboard Warning Lights

  • Auto High-Beam Assist: A small green light on your dashboard will indicate that your lights are set to automatic! This means that your high beams will come on automatically when it’s dark out and there aren’t other drivers in your field of view, and shut off automatically when those conditions are no longer true.
high beam assist
  • Battery: If a red battery warning light stays on after your car has been started, it may be a sign that your vehicle’s battery is not charging correctly. Alternately, if you see the “Smart Key Battery Low” warning, it’s time to change the battery in your key fob.
  • battery warning light
  • Brakes: The red brake fluid symbol—which reads “BRAKE” in all capital letters—lets you know if brake fluid is low. If it stays on after more fluid is added, there may be more complex brake issues in store. If you see a yellow brake warning light, it’s probably trying to tell you that your brake pads are worn down.
  • brake warning light
  • Critical Warning Message: If you a triangle with an exclamation mark, your Land Rover has an important update that you should read as soon as possible. Red warnings are especially urgent, while amber warnings should simply be dealt with in the near future. The content of these warning messages will vary; the message that you receive will detail the specific nature of the problem.
  • critical warning light
  • Engine/Transmission: Various lights indicate issues with your engine. The basic engine/transmission light will light up when you start the vehicle, and it should shut off shortly thereafter. If it stays on, you probably have a problem with your emissions.
  • transmission light
  • Engine Temperature: The red engine temperature warning light lets you know if the powertrain is overheating. Pull over at the earliest opportunity, and give the engine ample time to cool (at least 20 to 30 minutes) before you open the hood.
  • engine temperature warning light
  • Tires: If your tire pressure is low, your tire pressure monitoring system will activate. At this point, pull over to inflate your tires or change them as soon as possible. If it’s red, instead of the usual yellow, one or more of your tires may have rapidly deflated. A flat tire is generally indicated by an exclamation point in the middle of semi-circle, with treads visible at the bottom.
  • Low tire pressure warning indicator
  • Oil Pressure: The red low oil pressure warning shows that it may be necessary to check engine oil levels and top up if necessary. While this isn’t an oil change symbol per se, drivers who see this warning light may wish to have their oil levels inspected at our service center.
  • Service Engine oil pressure

    Schedule Service with Land Rover Annapolis

    If any of these Land Rover dashboard warning lights appear and you’re having doubts about what they mean, or you think your vehicle needs some work, schedule an appointment with the service department at Land Rover Annapolis! We can handle any maintenance, from simple transmission fluid changes to serious repairs, whether they’re covered by warranty or not!

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