Range Rover vs Lexus

January 17th, 2018 by
Choosing between a Range Rover and a Lexus means you need to know exactly what you want. After all, each one is a luxury vehicle, so if it’s just a nice interior you’re looking for, both would be a good option. However, if you want a luxury vehicle that provides impressive technology as well as the ability to do more off-road adventures, then the Range Rover model is what you’ll want to choose.

2018 Land Rover Range Rover

The Differences

Although Range Rover and Lexus models have high-quality features and finishes, there are differences that make the Land Rover options the better choice.

  • Off-Roading:
    • Range Rover: Range Rover models were made to explore, and these vehicles include an impressive wading depth so you can get through water; a variety of traction control features and drive modes so you can tackle more than just asphalt; and the ability to tow heavy equipment for more fun along the way
    • Lexus: Lexus models don’t want to stray too far from the paved roads, and you certainly cannot wade through water or tackle an uneven terrain with ease when you’re behind the wheel of these models
  • Technology
    • Range Rover: With InControl® technology, Range Rover models can inform, entertain, and connect you right through your vehicle’s dual 8- or 10-inch dashboards. Toss in additional driver assistance features, and you’ll have a vehicle that makes sense for your Edgewater needs.
    • Lexus: Lexus puts most of its energy into providing a nice look, and those who pick this model will only get the app suite that doesn’t do anything unique or exciting
2018 Land Rover Discovery driving down gravel hill
2018 Land Rover Range Rover Interior

Explore Land Rover Annapolis Today

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