What is Terrain Response?

September 27th, 2017 by

Land Rover Discovery Sport Terrain Response

Every new Land Rover vehicle sets itself apart from rival SUVs by fitting the latest iteration of their Terrain Response® System. This groundbreaking all-terrain optimization system ensures unstoppable capability regardless of the surface you’re covering by offering dedicated terrain optimization modes, including, General, Rock Crawl, Grass, Gravel & Snow, Mud & Ruts, and Sand. Learn more below about this Land Rover off-roading technology, and contact your local authorized Land Rover retailer to schedule a test drive!

What is Terrain Response?

Long a celebrated differentiator for Land Rover vehicles, the Terrain Response® system allows drivers to optimize performance on a variety of different surfaces. The new Terrain Response® 2 Auto upgrade breaks new ground by automatically sensing surface changes and adjusting to the appropriate setting to ensure you’re always using the ideal driving modes.

For those who prefer direct control, you can manually override the system to lock in a specific mode.

How Do Terrain Response® Modes Work?

All it takes is the flick of a switch to have the patented Terrain Response® 2 Auto system reconfigure suspension, transmission, and traction settings for maximum control and superior performance across all conditions. Drive modes include:

  • General: Perfect for everyday driving, General Mode maximizes fuel efficiency and reduces emissions.
  • Rock Crawl: Ideal for those who like to climb over uneven terrain, Rock Crawl Mode delivers phenomenal low-speed traction and softened accelerator response.
  • Grass, Gravel & Snow: Designed for firm but slippery surfaces, Grass, Gravel, and Snow Mode speeds up gear changes, softens accelerator response to avoid any momentary loss of traction, and works to prevent tire slip.
  • Mud & Ruts: Suitable for soft, muddy, waterlogged, and rutted ground, Mud & Ruts Mode allows controlled tire slip to keep you moving.
  • Sand: Made for soft, dry, and yielding ground, Sand Mode works by locking the differential and enhancing engine and gearbox response.

Take Command of Land Rover Capability by Visiting Land Rover Annapolis Today

The Land Rover Terrain Response system is just one feature that ensures performance remains peerless whether cruising between Edgewater and Crofton or setting out for tough off-road trails outside Severna Park. To explore everything from off-road tires to Adaptive Cruise Control, visit the Land Rover Annapolis showroom today.

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